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If one is going to use Osirix it is important that the RIS runs natively on the Apple platform.
Our RIS also runs natively on Windows.

The Blackbird RIS embeds:

  • A traditional RIS (scheduling, workflow and management tools)
  • The Bluebird local billing package (a tried and trusted solution that has been in clinical use in South Africa for over a decade).
  • Word processor (no need to use clunky integrations of MS Word).
  • ICD 10 engine
  • Tools that drive Osirix

We offer the following user profiles (accessible via secure log in):


  • Our RIS works across facilities. One might have hundreds of simultaneous users - across town, across the country or even across the globe!
  • The software design is superior e.g. unlike most browser based software, our RIS is multi-threaded - e.g. no waiting for a scanned document to finish scanning before the reception can continue working!
  • Our scheduler supports multiple facilities with multiple modalities.
  • Medical aid membership is verified at reception.
  • Quick review of all previous patients linked to that medical aid membership number.


  • Work list
  • Auto input of patient information into the modalities*. Data is entered once (typically at reception).
  • Auto enter of multiple consumables.
  • Integrated messaging (typically to doctor)

Radiologist's "cockpit"

  • Work list
  • Drives Blackbird's implementation of Osirix (both the current study and priors are displayed automatically)
  • Review billing, including consumables.
  • Display the requisition.
  • Display of referring doctors details, including phone number
  • Integrated ICD (Blackbird and WHO)
  • Integrated YottaLook
  • Integrated messaging.
  • Integrated and embedded text reporting and dictation review - not reliant on a clunky integration with MS Word!
  • Integrated Dragon Dictate voice recognition.


  • Work list
  • Integrated and embedded text reporting - not reliant on a clunky integration with MS Word!
  • Remote transcription module


  • Billing data is, on a daily basis, automatically backed up off-site, so that your book debt is protected from disaster.
  • Movement of billing data to South African medical aids is well thought out and has been thoroughly tested through ten years of actual practice use.
  • Debt collection using automated tools such as email and SMS is efficient.

Practice manager

  • Monthly management reports including work done by / income from:
  • Facility
  • Tech
  • Doctor
  • Modality

Just bought another RIS - don't dismay!

Ask us about integrating your RIS with Blackbird's:

  • PACS
  • Workstations (BBOsirix).
  • Referral module.

    *dependent on modalities supporting MWL




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