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Digital imaging and especially multi-detector CT, has produced a revolution in radiology that, many argue, will fundamentally change the practice of medicine forever.
Accompanying this revolution has been a veritable explosion of imaging data.
New generations of imaging modalities no longer acquire a few hundred images per study – they acquire thousands.

This has created an expensive problem – how does one manage and share the avalanche of data produced by modern modalities (modalities which dramatically increase not only the number of images but also the amount of data per image). Radiology practices now, not only require slick and accessible image storage (PACS), but radiologists must be able to perform complicated analyses of mountains of complex data, quickly and accurately.
Such analysis mandates sophisticated workstations capable of complex post processing, workstations that until recently were prohibitively expensive.
Enter Blackbird, a thoughtfully designed, ultra-reliable and elegant PACS solution - your first choice for high performance medical imaging.




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