Information With Integrity

Remote Servers

  • No expensive server hardware to be purchased (in duplicate!)
  • Blackbird remote servers are replicated across regional areas to optimize data availability
  • We manage hardware replacement so that downtime due to hardware failure is practically non existant

  • Initial opening of the RIS is a little slower (more noticeable is you have a slow internet connection)
  • RIS access dependent on internet access - if your internet access is down you cannot access the RIS (note that this does not apply to images because archive access is designed so that currents and recent priors are cached locally). It is wise to have a different (redundant) means of accessing the internet if you choose the remote RIS option.
We highly recommend the remote Blackbird Archive for all clients and the remote RIS server for all clients with reasonable connectivity to our servers in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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