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The Blackbird image repository is available as:

  • An Onsite installation or
  • A cloud based Virtual Archive

    Blackbird was designed for easy deployment, simple administration, and high reliability.
    It uses high-end, redundant hardware and has massive redundant storage capability. We planned meticulously for the upcoming explosion of digital data.
    Blackbird is an intelligent solution, monitored 24/7.
    Load balancing and elegant degradation are central facets of the solution.
    Problems are generally fixed before the radiologist is even aware that a potential problem exists.
    The Blackbird VIrtual Archive can be used as off-site backup storage or, in many instances, it can completely replace your onsite PACS archive, resulting in major cost saving.
    When used as the primary PACS Archive, there are many areas where costs are slashed, most notably in infrastructure (no server room) and high tech staffing (no expensive PACS administrator required).
    The BVA facilitates the needs of radiologists as well as referring physicians and is truly revolutionary.

Here are the key features of Blackbird's Image Archives:

  • Stability
  • Redundant hardware
  • Monitoring
  • Standards based
    Blackbird is a standards based archive specifically designed around IHE. One of the primary aims in design was to protect your data from "vendor lock-in". See table at the bottom of this page.
    As IHE has become more pervasive in the health care industry, initiatives to provide new standards for sharing patient data across the enterprise are becoming more important. A good example is the IHE cross-enterprise document sharing (XDS) profile. Blackbird has already incorporated the XDS-I IHE profile for image sharing into its image archive!
    The true value of electronic teaching and research files lies not in the DICOM study alone but also in the annotations, key images, and presentation state. IHE has defined the Teaching File and Clinical Export (TCE) profile, which includes a standardized way for PACS systems to share this information. Blackbird supports importing DICOM, key object notes, annotations, and associated documents as outlined in the TCE profile.
  • Analysis
    Blackbird makes examining each step of the major processes of a radiology practice straightforward with verbose logging, as well as an audit record repository (ARR).
    These features allow Blackbird staff to monitor what is be happening at each step of clinical workflow and thereby detect, diagnose and resolve future potential problems.
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