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Remote Access / Teleradiology

Blackbird staff are experts at designing remote access systems.
Where appropriate we incorporate Apple's built in technology such as iChat theatre.
Besides remote web access and remote workstations, we also integrate Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod and MacAir. Imagine ruling out a SAH without leaving the dinner table!

It is helpful to divide the remote access options into diagnostic (generally radiologists, but certain sub-specialists also require remote access to diagnostic images) and non-diagnostic (most referring doctors).
Non diagnostic systems allow compression as high as 50:1, whereas diagnostic compression is (currently) limited to 2:1.

Diagnostic remote access.

An important differentiating feature of Blackbird's PAC is our ability to offer powerful yet inexpensive post processing workstations to non radiologists. This means, for example, that a cardiologist can do CTA based on images in your facility, a neurosurgeon can do sophisticated 3D imaging in his office, working off images on your PACS etc etc.

High speed link

A high speed connection allows direct access to a workstation based in the image centre without having to move the images to the remote site. Besides iChat theatre Blackbird also allows multiple radiologists, across multiple facilities, access to the same list of images. This means that a) Facilities can be covered remotely b) one immediately knows which films have been read (not always easy on multiple connected Osirix workstations).

Low speed link

While it is usually better to move the images, there is an art to doing this such that the radiologist wait time is minimized. The usual DICOM protocol was not designed for remote access and is inefficient. Blackbird's solution is more than 4x as fast.

Non-diagnostic remote access.

The revolutionary, virtually seamless way we move reports and images to your general referral base will delight your referring doctors.
Images are instantly available to them, wherever they might be, using the same secure web portal (Bluebird) through which they currently receive lab reports, referrals, and consultations.
Doctors love this service mainly because everything is in one place.




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