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Why are radiologists talking about Blackbird?

What is so compelling about this integrated RIS PACS solution, and........

Why is Blackbird known as "PACS without the Pain"

  • The solution is fully managed by Blackbird (contracts ensure we are penalized if we do not do our job!).
  • We are responsible for keeping your referring doctors happy with our image and report delivery service. This removes the second major headache from your practice
  • The doctor's interface was designed by doctors.
  • Comprehensive practice reports empower your practice manager and enable him to keep his finger on the pulse of your practice.
  • Most installations are cost neutral without an initial capital outlay.




White Papers

Radiologist Workflow (PDF)

Generic RIS PACS check list (PDF)

Screen Shots

How do I decide if Blackbird is right for my practice?



Blackbird components

Please choose (click) any component for a detailed discussion explaining why that particular module is the best choice for your practice.
Bluebird Radiology

It is important to appreciate that no matter how powerful each of these components may be in isolation, together, they are an unbeatable combination.

The 3 compelling reasons to choose an integrated Blackbird solution are:
1) One organisation takes ongoing responsibility for your PACS / RIS hardware, software and maintenance.
2) That organisation has a long and enviable reputation for designing and maintaining stable medical networks.
3) Blackbird is, by far, the most cost effective solution available in South Africa.



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